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Screen corruption on lookup

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  • Screen corruption on lookup

    I have a table containing persons and their departments. Some persons have more than one department.

    I have created a form with two tabs on it. One tab contains the person id and dept id.

    The deptid is a select type. When the person id is changed I have an ajax event to fill the deptid with the depts belonging to the person.

    Initially there's no person id. Because of this the lookup defined on dept id will not work (there's no valid key yet).

    Because of this the form shows only the tabs, rest of page is empty.

    On i1 and i2 you can see the config and screen. If you change the select field to edit then i3 appears.
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    Albert Drent
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    Hello Mr. Drent,

    From what I could understand, this issue is being caused due to the current application logic.

    Could you repost larger images? I wasn't able to see anything.

    Bernhard Bernsmann