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2 SELECT FIELDS: Ajax Reload when form is loaded first time

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  • 2 SELECT FIELDS: Ajax Reload when form is loaded first time


    I have 2 SELECT FIELDS with my Form. Field 2 depends on value of Field 1 and is reloaded as soon as I change value with Field 1. Works smooth, but...

    When I run my application the first time, Field 1 does the Select correct, but Field 2 does not load depending on Field 1. So OnScriptIni I echo both Fields 1+2 and there are no values with those Fields even though Field 1 has a value displayed in form select box. I tried to use title with Field 1 as well, but I still can't echo Field1 value. I also tried to use initial value with field 1, still not working.

    Do I really have to do an independent SELECT OnScriptIni and set {field1} = MySelect; to make this work? Then I also have to do an independent Select with field 2 depending on my independent select with field 1. Since field 2 is an array I don't know how to the correct select statement OnScriptIni. And after soon as I change value of field 1 in form, code OnScriptIni is performed again and value with field 1 jumps back to initial value.

    This is really bugging me and I can't see why those values are not present to start with. Kind of complicated, don't u think? Or is it me?

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    I don't know if that is actually a bug. Please try to assign an initial value to {field2}, and as you are having a bit of difficulty, please get in touch with our support to do that.

    I also have just reported this topic to our bugs team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann