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Bug in SQL-handling of Scriptcase

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  • Bug in SQL-handling of Scriptcase

    it seems there is a bug somewhere in the sql-handling of scriptcase.

    i want to make a grid-application for a oracle-database with on the right side of the table a couple of columns with links to other applications. those links i construct with the oracle-decode function so the showing-up of the links can be made dependent on values of other columns. like in this one:

    decode(studieadviseur, null, decode(decaan, null, 'delete', ''), ''),
    decode(gezien_door_student, null, 'edit', 0, 'edit', 1, ''),

    if i code this and run the application it works as expected. the first decode-generated link-column only shows the text 'delete', when both the studieadviseur and decaan columns are null. the second decode-generated link-column only shows the text 'edit', when the gezien_door_student column is null or 0 (zero).

    now i want to extend the funtionality of the second decode by adding the requirement the text 'edit' only shows, when both columns gezien_door_student and decaan are null or 0 (zero) and null. so i change the second decode-generated link-column to:

    decode(gezien_door_student, null, decode(decaan, null, 'edit', ''), 0, decode(decaan, null, 'edit', ''), 1, '')

    after changing the sql-statement of the grid-application this way the effect of that is nop. the application behaves as if the change didn't occur. the only way to get things working the intended way from this point is to start all over again with a new application. if you continue trying to get it right with editing or changing things at a certain point scriptcase starts to mix-up the sql and gives weird error-messages, when running the app.

    is this a bug? is this a cache problem? anyone a solution to get scriptcase to understand my edits to the sql right-a-way?

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    Is the issue only happening when you try to change SQL on the application? Or is it happening to all sorts of applications?

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      sofar in 2 cases in 2 different projects with a long sql-statement with a number of oracle decode-functions. both in grid-apps.

      except starting all over again with a new grid-app i also found in the mean time another workaround for this case:

      putting an extra column in between the 2 decodes, saving and compiling the app, removing the extra column and then another save and compile.

      this seems to point to some sort of cache thing?



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        Defintely. Are you aware of the issue related on this topic - with the workaround as well?

        Bernhard Bernsmann


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          yes, i'm aware of this and already suggested it to the collegue managing the install of scriptcase. he told me that eAccelerator.dll is not even loaded overhere. no accompanying setting too. so, no cure there.

          in the mean time i experienced, that sometimes the extra column workaround does not work unless i keep the extra column in the sql. very weird behaviour. so actually all this might even be pointing to a bug?
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            I recommend you to contact our support regarding this issue. Our chat is active on workdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm (GMT -3), and our ticket system is always available.

            I also have reported this issue to our bugs team for further testing.

            Bernhard Bernsmann