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Link parameter between Grid and Blank Applications

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  • Link parameter between Grid and Blank Applications

    I have a grid application and create a field link between a value in the grid application and a global in a blank application.

    When I create the link, it knows that the blank application has a global, and asked me to select the field to pass.

    It creates the link

    But when I run the grid application and select the link, I get
    The following global variables are missing: thisPacker;


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    If you want to pass a variable as global it must exists. AFAIK it is now created in the blank applicatin which is called. So the sending application does not do the declaration. Create the global variable in the onscriptinit of the calling application and I think it will work.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      Thank you Albert,

      I think it is still a bug.

      I ran the Blank application by itself, and it asked for a value for the global. I gave it one, and it ran (all I have is a simple
      echo "Hi![thisPacker]";
      in the onExecute).

      When I went back and ran the Grid, the Blank application did not give the error message, but it displayed the value that I entered when I ran it stand alone.

      So, it looks like there are two problems.

      One is that the Grid is not passing the field value over to the Blank application.

      The second is the the Blank application saves the Global value, even though it is not supposed to be a Session Global, I have it defined as IN for POST and GET.



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        I have found the bug... or at least some additional information.

        The global that I use in the Blank application is
        . And that it what shows when I create the link in the Grid application.

        BUT... I looked at the href that gets generated uses
        . These are NOT the same. Case counts. So,
        is not the same as

        When I changed the global in the Blank application to
        (with a lower case P) things worked fine.

        So, there is a work around. but it is still a bug. The code that is created is not correct.



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          Issue reported to our bugs team.

          Bernhard Bernsmann