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definitely macro sc_change_connection don't works in session scope

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  • definitely macro sc_change_connection don't works in session scope

    I test with several production environments:

    Windows2003 server + wampserver + Apache + Mysql
    Windows2003 server + xampserver + Apache + Mysql
    Windows2003 server + zendserver + Apache + Mysql
    Windows2003 server + zendserver + IIS + Mysql

    Ubuntu Linux 13.04 + Apache + php5 + Mysql

    NOTHING !!! always the change is made to all sessions open, opened or future open.

    the session_id is always the same, is that I'm forgetting to install some additional package? or anychange to any .ini file ?

    PLEASE !!! HELP ME !!! I took three weeks lost in this !!
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    Hello Aquiles,

    I tested your system (as you requested me through pm) and I wasn't able to simulate any problem regarding malfunction of sc_change_connection.

    Please see:

    Notice that the connection is changed to all tabs of your browser. But if you use Incognito Mode or if you open the same system on another browser you will see that the connection hasn't been changed in that browser (which is the default behavior).

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Hi Bernhard,

      Thanks !!!
      I did not know about "incognito mode" but now I read in google about this feature, excellent !! it is exactly as I desired.

      I found a link to guide to open google chrome on incognito mode ..

      other guide..

      but Sc don't have other solution in Sc properties ?
      because my customers open the same project several tabs browser in the same client pc and each tab may be connected to distinct databases.

      only google chrome browser has that option that runs perfectly, the change is made only in the working tab.

      firefox have private option but don't work as chrome incognito, the change is made global.

      Thanks by your answer (the only forum answer in one month waiting)
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        Generally a session is always valid by browser not by tab. If you want to have one session per tab, you must ensure that the session-id is different. For example, by appending the current time or similar. You can store sessions in a database (look at SC => Options / Settings / System Settings / Use session in database), then you possibly still more possibilities. See this help for session storage in database:
        Best regards: - Reinhard -

        I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)