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Toolbar BUG (SC6)

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  • Toolbar BUG (SC6)

    I discovered non consistent bug in SC - which will drive you nuts (if you are unaware)

    When you create an App using Batch Menu - it adds NEW RECORD button, but when you do the same using top menu icon, it creates a grid without the NEW RECORD button.
    I have spend numerous hours trying to resolve the issue, why some Apps are missing the ADD NEW button. Be aware!
    Not sure if this exists in SC7, but will test later

    I hope this will be fixed ASAP

    better yet I would like to see a prompt weather to Create(or not ADD NEW) button on a tooolbar


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    Do you use any security application? If yes, synchronizes any new application created. The button will appear normally. If not, see the toolbar in the application itself if the button is active


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      no I do not use secirity App
      YES - when I run the App separately from the rest of the project the buttons show up as expected, but when the same App is placed withing the FORM (that mean on a separate Page OR Tab) the ADD NEW button disapears, and (if it is a grid) the EDIT ICON is gone as well. I have spend several hours trying to figure out what is going on, but seems like SC just custs of some stuff (when placed on Tabs). Unfortunatyle the developer should be asked if those object should be hidden or not, otherwise adding a grid on a Tab would only work for viewing records, but not for ADDING :-(


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        Hello Arthur,

        Isn't it because when you create an app using batch menu you are creating and linking a grid application to a form application?

        Bernhard Bernsmann