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Upload error in 7.01.0009

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    Thank you rr for the response.

    I eventually bought support and lodge a ticket about this. They came back to say that they also could not upload files and that they already sent this through to the dev team.

    I can just hope that this will be fix soon, otherwise I will loose my client and the last 6 months of work was for nothing.



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      We have put this ticket to support and got as reply to fill the full path in the fieldproperty. Unbelievable. But we're on top of it!
      Albert Drent
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        Originally posted by onmountain View Post
        Hello Bartho,
        You probably do not have the power at SC to do this on your own, but seems like it would be good public relations if SC would just maintain a public list of issues like this - with some sort of status. Such a list could simply link to one or more forum posts related - you could be the logical one to actually do that.

        The list might be for paid users only - that way few people would have access if that makes SC more comfortable.

        I know SC is closed source , and that is fine. You guys may be inclined to keep bugs and issues closed, but what is happening is that this forum (and other forms of communication we users use together) have postings like this anyway. And they are persistent... they never go away. It would be so much better for SC if you could post something like, logged this as issue #1234. When it was resolved, you could always go back and tag the forum with an issue #1234 is resolved in release xyz.

        Don't get me wrong, I REALLY REALLY like SC. It is great. But this is not indicative of long-term health for SC. We users want SC to be around for a long time and to be getting better and better. Seems like this is a logical request. I would be happy to communicate with you or your team or management further if that would be useful to get a tracking system in place. Hey, you could have a contest - to build the best issue tracker - open to all SC users - first prize is a free support package????

        Bartho, please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks,
        Hope you all have a great day
        Hello Jamie,

        I do think this is a GREAT idea - leaving aside any difficulties there may be on creating this policy (And don't think I'm saying this shouldn't be done due to difficulties).

        We have an internal bug tracker linking to forum posts / topics, tickets, and emails.

        I will talk about your suggestion with our team.

        Have a great day too!


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          Addition to the filename bug:
          It appears that when files are uploaded that have characters >127 in it that they dont get properly encoded on the server side.
          So I upload a file called 3d_sceneŽ106.jpg and in my tmp this file occurs: sc_dd6ae2d3_3d_scene√ę106.jpg even tho my form shows the name properly.
          apparently the utf8-decode() function is not being used to save the file where it should (see also where something similar occurs).
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            Another small error: when I have my deployment for advanced deployment in front of me, I see a help button.. Clicking this button points to
            and gives:
            ScriptCase could not find the necessary files to display the help topics. It is necessary to download the .zip file containing the ScriptCase manual and the extract its contents to the scriptcase/doc directory on your web server where ScriptCase is installed.

            In order to download the documentation, access the download page.

            Documentation Download


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              Minor bug in sc_lookup

              Another bug found:
              I put in my code (for oracle to find the database I am working in) so with SINGLE QUOTES:
              sc_lookup(rs,'select lower(substr(global_name,4,3)) from global_name');
              This causes an error
              ociexecute(): ORA-00900: Ongeldige SQL-statement.

              The generated code:
              $nm_select = "'select lower(substr(global_name,4,3)) from global_name'";

              I put this in my code so with DOUBLE QUOTES:
              sc_lookup(rs,"select lower(substr(global_name,4,3)) from global_name");
              it goes fine...
              The generated code:
              $nm_select = "select lower(substr(global_name,4,3)) from global_name";

              So there is an obvious minor bug there...


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                I am attempting to catch the proper event using OnValidate (occurs first) OnValidateError (occurs if wrong after OnValidate) and OnValidateSuccess (occurs afterif so called succeeds but it fails with certain characters) and then BeforeInsert or BeforeUpdate (depending on what occured).
                So everything above chr(127) I want to change myself. Everything containing a + or an &
                The nm_mostra function is the place where it parially goes wrong:
                function nm_mostra_doc(campo1, campo2, campo3)
                230| {
                231| while (campo2.lastIndexOf("&") != -1)
                232| {
                233| campo2 = campo2.replace("&" , "**Ecom**");
                234| }
                235| while (campo2.lastIndexOf("#") != -1)
                236| {
                237| campo2 = campo2.replace("#" , "**Jvel**");
                238| }
                239| while (campo2.lastIndexOf("+") != -1)
                240| {
                241| campo2 = campo2.replace("+" , "**Plus**");
                242| }
                243| NovaJanela = ("grid_filestorage_doc.php?script_case_init=<?p hp echo NM_encode_input($this->Ini->sc_page); ?>&script_case_session=<?php echo session_id() ?>&nm_cod_doc=" + campo1 + "&nm_nome_doc=" + campo2 + "&nm_cod_apl=" + campo3, "ScriptCase", "resizable, scrollbars");

                But!! that is not the only place.. As mentioned any above chr(128) go wrong as well, that would actually need an utf8_encode I think.
                I think you can change it by hand with some fiddling in the code using the events (which is what I will do).
                So basically all weird characters are to be translated to normal ones... And then the table field needs to be updated by hand I guess..


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                  Advanced deployment notes for others to learn from since I had some problems with it

                  A warning for people who do the advanced deploying:
                  If you do an advanced deploy then the default paths are as follows (those entries are empty then!):
                  Common Libraries Folder:
                  Images Folder:
                  Temp Folder:
                  Documents Folder:

                  This is badly documented so be aware. Below a piece of the code that arranges the paths for my grid_filestorage application
                                /*check prod*/$_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_prod'] = $str_path_apl_url . "_lib/prod";
                        //check img
                                /*check img*/$_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_imagens'] = $str_path_apl_url . "_lib/file/img";
                        //check tmp
                                /*check tmp*/$_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_imag_temp'] = $str_path_apl_url . "_lib/tmp";
                        //check doc
                                /*check doc*/$_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_doc'] = $str_path_apl_dir . "_lib/file/doc";
                  So suppose I have a project with many applications called 'myprj' which I place in ...\www so that I get ...\www\myprj
                  Then you either do not set the paths on advanced deployment in which case they default to (by the code in my grid_filestorage.php file, in the first couple of lines) and later on (see above)
                  Common Libraries Folder:
                  Images Folder:
                  Temp Folder:
                  Documents Folder:

                  If you want it different then you need to set the paths by hand... In which case you may opt a more global lib if you have more projects running for example:
                  Common Libraries Folder:
                  Images Folder:
                  Temp Folder:
                  Documents Folder:

                  This is not properly documented so be aware for mistakes.


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                    The 'typical' publication uses a default value for paths, if you do an advanced publication informing all paths correctly will work.

                    Referring to problem with symbols, we release fixes recently for some symbols and we are working on the rest.
                    Best Regards,
                    John L. Santos

                    Bug Tracker Team
                    NetMake - IT Solutions


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                      *** the rest ***
                      - if you fill all of those advanced fields then it does not work
                      - use url encode / decode
                      Albert Drent
                      aducom software netherlands
                      scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                        Agreed that they will work, but it isnt described where your _lib then has to be if you dont fill any values in there. It is not mentioned clearly so therefore I did that. I think it should be mentioned properly in the manual. But I could only find that out by digging in the code and seeing what happens in detail by filling in the values and checking against my paths.
                        Now anyone that reads the post should be able to figure it out without digging in the generated code.


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                          The character strings with strange characters are annoying.
                          When I upload a file with some stange character in it like › then I get a Validate event and a ValidateError event but the {FILENAME} field which I use seems to be empty.
                          I guess $this->filename_ is going wrong in the upload_img_doc routine.


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                            How is the status on this issue?? I mean the UTF8 encode to ISO-8859-1 or win1252 (actually it should convert to the characterset of the server computer)


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                              To show the issue you can watch the following movie:

                              Albert Drent
                              aducom software netherlands
                              scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                                Version the bug with the global variable in the comment still exists.
                                My comment:
                                [grid_filestorage_help]="Kies het kleine prullenbakje om een record met het bestand te verwijderen.<br>
                                Kies Browse om een nieuw bestand te uploaden, kies daarna het mapje met het pijltje om te bevestigen.<br>
                                De bestandsnaam zal daarna worden getoond.<br>
                                Kies de bestandnaam zelf om het bestand op te halen.<br>
                                Toegestane bestandstypen zijn; jpg;bmp;doc;rtf;docx;xls;tif;xslx;gif;pcx,txt";
                                This causes a global variable to be added... So it is a bug. I thought it was fixed?? It also fails with:
                                //[grid_filestorage_help]="Kies het kleine prullenbakje om een record met het bestand te verwijderen.<br>

                                Please dont reintroduce introduce bugs on something I that was fixed.