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BUG with events

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  • BUG with events

    I have a form in single record with a file TEXT field.
    I add OnBlur,OnChange, etc.. events to it.
    I change the field to an document filename field.
    Then the events still exist and get triggered if I run the application.
    So either leave the events on (my suggestion) when the field is an upload field OR dont run the code if it is an upload field.
    This bug is easily repeatable...

    Of course if I change the field BACK then there is no way I get my events back.. Hence a serious! bug.

    On a document upload field I can not make an ajax event. Too bad that once it has been made in text mode that it can NOT be deleted, hence I have to completely remake my app.. You better keep allowing that
    since it would be nice to catch events there as well.
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    Just to make sure, you have a Text field and then you change it to a Document (File name) field?

    Issue reported to our bugs team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Yep that is the case.. I made my page with a text field first than changed the text field to a Document filename..


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        Thanks for your feedback.

        Bernhard Bernsmann