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    Originally posted by John L. Santos View Post
    When you create a form, Scriptcase interprets all fields in the table, therefore it is impossible not to use a particular field in the SQL command, only if the field does not exist in your table.
    Yes, that's the problem ... however, it would be simple & elegant to solve:

    If the update flag is checked in Form Settings / Edit Fields then include this field in the UPDATE SQL command. If the new flag is checked then include this field in the INSERT INTO SQL command. If no flag checked then include this field only in the SELECT SQL command.


    My problem is still unresolved: how can I remove certain fields from SQL command?

    I have therefore developed even further and found the following: the problem of post #1, I have this on a production server (LAMP) with PHP 5.3 (app generated with SC 7.1.0013). I have this error not with PHP 5.4 on my development machine (WIN7, SC standard installation). The difference is: on my machine running the MS SQL server native client (DBMS Type = MSSQL Server NATIVE SRV in SC) and on the production machine i'am use DBMS Type = MSSQL Server.

    I will set up a new server with PHP 5.4 and look again ...
    Best regards: - Reinhard -

    I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)