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Reopening bug regarding regenerating

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  • Reopening bug regarding regenerating

    I had suspician that if you use express edit that fields changed type. Selectfields became edit fields again, tiny fields became edit fields etc. It happend a bit random throughout the application. Now I have similar issues when using the dta dictionary. I had to resync my application because I had new forms and tables. After synchronizing and regenerating all appliocations I have again forms who do not work any more and I need to redo a lot of these field changes. I have over 140 apps in this project so it's a major task. Please check your code that field types are *not* touched in any way while running these functions. There has to be some error somewhere.

    update: some label fields are unlabeled so that they are editable again....
    new update: the generated authorisation apps are completely refurbished... **NOT FUNNY**

    In general : recovering the full application is realy taking me hours. This is a very serious issue.

    Can it be that while synchronizing the field types are reverted back to their original database data types and that manual settings are lost?
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    This problem has been registered in our system to be fixed.
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    John L. Santos

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