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    I've read a lot of discussions on issues around global variables.

    I'm using 7.01.0014 version of SC at the moment.

    I have a multi-row form. No links, etc. in the where of the sql I have ((qty - qty_shipped) > 0) and tenant_id = [tenant_id]. When I have the tenant_id part of the sql in place, and the variable set to in, I get:

    "The following global variables are missing: tenant_id;

    If I set it to OUT, which I have seen on several conversations, I get this:

    Error while accessing the database:
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

    View SQL

    Script: /Applications/NetMake/v7/wwwroot/scriptcase/app/gao_erp_mysql/pick_pack_fgrid/pick_pack_fgrid_apl.php (7101)

    No change in the sql, just what direction of the variable.

    I have the 1st issue occurring when I also add the [tenant_id] as the defined value for insert in the "Fields configuration"

    2 odd things... I don't have this issue on forms I created earlier (I have that field in every table in my project). and the it does seem to work if I start it from the login to the menu, then calling this app, but it's a pain for testing. This has never been an issue until v 7.xxxx

    I see something like it was fixed, but it certainly seems broken to me.

    The other issue -- look at the error window. It always has the VIEW SQL link... it never works!

    Thoughts anyone?

    script variable error.jpg

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    Try tenant_id = [tenant_id] to change in tenant_id = '[tenant_id]'

    In your current situation when tenant_id is empty you get an invalid sql string.

    In general with SQL errors go to application -> settings and set the debug options on. Then every sql statement generated is displayed and you can find the error more easily.
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      Please turn on debug mode and make sure you are really passing the global variable value.