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  • error_profile_test_module

    Trying to connect to the MSSQL Server in the Production Environment but this message " error_profile_test_module" pops up. Reinstall the MSSQL 2008 R2 to MSSQL 2008, was able to connect into the database using the SQL management studio. However, when trying to configure the connection in the Scriptcase production environment, the error message still persist and cannot get the system to run!

    Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated!


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    Are you running it on a windows server as a normal web user? If so then try using a user with elevated rights (so use a user that is allowed to do that).
    It may be that your sql server is not reachable for your webserver user. Which webserver do you use? apache or iis? This all above basically goes for iis. For apache (I use uniserver in production) it ought to work on a windows server quite well.


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      Yes, it is running on a Windows environment. I use apache (Xampp). It works for all the samples in Xampp running on MySql. I have tested it with few different users and password which are able to log in to the SQL Management Studio including 'sa'. Same environment on my production machine which works perfectly ok


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        That is quite odd.. Can you connect with a basic php script?
        I read here: that you could try the PDO driver. I think scriptcase uses that anyway. But you could try making a small php script that just connects. That way you could at least try if you can get a conenction working. I dont have experience with mssql via php, in fact I kinda avoid that (mysql, mariadb, sqlite etc preferred).


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          What kind of connection are you trying to use?

          Please make sure that your production server meets all the necessary requirements to the connection you are using: