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  • Shortcoming or minor bug...

    When I have an application then the following is generated in the <applicationname>.php
    0| <?php
    1| //
    2| include_once('grid_filestorage_session.php');
    3| @session_start() ;
    4| $_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_perfil'] = "";
    5| $_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_prod'] = "/scriptcase/prod";
    6| $_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_imagens'] = "/scriptcase/file/img";
    7| $_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_imag_temp'] = "/scriptcase/tmp";
    8| $_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_path_doc'] = "c:/storage";
    9| $_SESSION['scriptcase']['grid_filestorage']['glo_nm_conexao'] = "conn_oracle";
    There is no way to set the contents on line 5 or line 7. That option does exist in deployment. I would like to be able to set that as wel in my development environment. As it stands now all we have is (see jpg) too limited.
    So no I can not fully create an application with the same functionality as the deployed version. So please add the other options as well (asap please!!).
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    Hello rr,

    I cannot fully understand what issue you are facing. Is it because you are unable to set the document path and image directory?

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Well that is simple. In my advanced deployment I can set the paths where I want to save my data (see above).. But in the development I can NOT set this freely.
      So the 4 paths (where docs/images/temp ..) are stored can not be chosen.
      It would be better to be able to have the same options to choose as the options that are there for advanced deployment.
      This way it would be easier to develop on the actual environment where the data is stored.
      Last edited by rr; 03-24-2014, 06:39 AM.


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        Issue reported to our bugs team.

        Bernhard Bernsmann