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field not update in form application !!! urgent !!!!

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  • field not update in form application !!! urgent !!!!


    In a Multiple record form application, 3 fields QUANTITY , PRICE , TOTAL

    I have Ajax events for calculating a total field : quantity and price fields with ajax events who calculate a total field .

    Add a line, in this step everything is correct, after that change the quantity and click on UPDATE button WITHOUT leaving the field.

    TOTAL field is not updated !!!!! for correct update, you need to leave the field with enter or tab or clicking to another field .

    This bug need to be fixed urgently, because it cause lot of calculating error.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Nac,

    In this case shouldn't you add the calculation to your back end as well? Perhaps on the onBeforeInsert()?

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Hello Bernhard

      Thanks you for answering.
      I will try but the problem here is that TOTAL variable is updated at the end of insert, while it should be update leaving the field

      The problem with this bug it's that you build your application without taking care of this case !!!
      Hope it will be fixed
      best regards


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        It sounds like when you are entering a number, the Ajax event probably keys off of onBlur. If so, it is possible the submit action is not allowing the onBlur to trigger. Have you tried onChange to see if that allows the Ajax update? Or possibly write your own Javascript onKeyUp action for that field.


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          Hello Travelr

          Of course, different solution exist when you write your own code but this is a important bug, Ajax events on fields must be executed before any others otherwise we will have similar problems.

          I ask to bug team to fix this bug !!!



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            Hello Nacyl,

            I'm not sure if this is actually a bug, or just how the onBlur() event works.

            I will verify the issue with our bugs team.

            Bernhard Bernsmann