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Heights and widths of containers (unwanted margin feature)

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  • Heights and widths of containers (unwanted margin feature)

    I wondered for quite some time now that when I create Containers and add them up to 100% that I still get a margin on the right side. I now have a wide screen and have set the frames to 25 and 75 percent. But in the code I find:

    <ul id="column1" class="column" style="width: 24%">
    <ul id="column2" class="column" style="width: 74%">

    Appearantly I'm missing 2 % here. Does SC subtract 1 on each %?

    The Iframe itself it set to 100% width and height. I wonder why I have to specify the height of the containers. Even widht. In general I would like to specify the width of the left containder and fillup the other to the full width. I cannot set the width in pixels as I don't know what screen it is running on. Also setting to % would make things ugly. I need a 200px left container, then it would become too small or by far too wide on other screens. I hope that SC8 has some improvements in this matter.
    Albert Drent
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    I played extensively with these settings Albert and I agree with you. I think Containers need a lot more enhancing. Something I am stuck trying to figure out, is how to reduce the gap between the containers but I will post a query when I get there again. Not to hijack your post.
    Rod - Developer


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      I will contact our bugs team regarding this issue.

      Bernhard Bernsmann