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Application Routine Restore is not functioning properly

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  • Application Routine Restore is not functioning properly

    I just recently had to build a new server for our ScriptCase Development enviroment. License is properly installed, and I was able to restore all the logins and most of the projects and applications from the old box, except for one. Both servers are running the same version of SC (7.1.21) and are fully updated.

    When I attempt to do a partial restore on just the one application, it says there are (5) applications in the project, however when I actually go to tick the check boxes to actually select them, only (4) applications show up on the screen (and the one I am missing is the ONE I really need, and it's the ONE I have pushed to production, so I really need to get this restored somehow).

    When I manually unzip the backup file, I can see the files from the project, including all the custom library I wrote for it, but like I said, ScriptCase Restore doesn't see it.

    I already read on here that you can't restore from the production enviroment (luckily that is still working because it is on a different server). Everything I try to manually copy the files doesn't seem to work.

    If I try to do a full restore, I get the commonly reported error of: sc_tbcmp.Campo may not be NULL

    Any suggestions on how to get this application restored??
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    Please contact our support team.

    I will also contact our support team to help you on this issue.

    Bernhard Bernsmann
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      I submitted ticket QFM-635-33780.


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        "The file wasnt created by Scriptcase version 7"

        Support contacted me. I sent my backup file to support, however the file they sent back to me doesn't work. Who do I have to talk to, in order to get a repaired backup file that will restore in SC 7.1 ???

        I'm getting really frustrated at the lack of communication from the support system.


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          Hello Curtis,

          I will contact our support team regarding your ticket.

          Bernhard Bernsmann