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[SOLVED]Language Bug (V6.00.0031 and V6.00.0032)

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  • [SOLVED]Language Bug (V6.00.0031 and V6.00.0032)

    I tried new version today. Some of the Chinese menu display abnormal.

    Click the picture to enlarge it if you could not view it clearly.

    I found some bugs here:

    1)Please see the pictures below:
    [img width=800 height=225][/img]
    Postscript: In China, the IE encoding is Chinese Simplified (GB2312) to display Chinese.
    [img width=800 height=421][/img]

    2)The login page:
    The symbol of '。' should not appear after '简体中文'. In Chinese, it is a Chinese full stop just like . in English.
    '简体中文' is OK. I find that in the language file (ZH-CN.lang), it is also wrong.
    Traditional Chinese has the same issue.

    3)Language and region:
    In your software, Simplified Chinese was assigned to Singapore. In fact, Singapre does not often use Chinese. Lots of them could speak Chinese, but official language is English.

    4)When I want to translate the English into Chinese, part of them could be translated. Security part could not be translated. Even I translated it into Chinese and updated, it recovered when re-launching the application.
    [img width=800 height=424][/img]

    5)In your current translation, Some information is not well described because Simplified Singapore is different from Simplified Chinese in writing and terms.
    Such as

    Part (1):In China, (This sentence is a picture, I am afraid that Chinese Character is not supported in your system.)

    Part (2): The character size is too small to read on the button. How to customize it? As you can see in Part (3), I set the size 12.

    Part (4): Could we set the Datachart in database an alias?
    [img width=800 height=219][/img]

    6) How to add more fonts that I want to use? Chinese has special fonts…

    7) On your site:, it is a sample of multiple language.

    I chose Traditional Chinese, but got different result. In fact, they should be the same.

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    Re: Language Bug (V6.00.0031 and V6.00.0032)


    Welcome to our Forum!

    I will report those issues to our development team so they can be fixed on our next releases.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      I have this problem too: Security part could not be translated. Even I translated it into Hungary and updated, it recovered when re-launching the application. Or rewrite in c:\Program Files\NetMake\v7\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\security\_ lib\lang\hu_hu.lang.php Here is overwritten. Does anyone know the solution ?


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        Please open a new topic on the correct forum regarding your current issue:

        Bernhard Bernsmann