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  • I know SC Team can make it better

    I'm new at SC and after long evaluation of SC6 vs others php generator decide to buy yesterday SC7. I love the video tutorials, download it all. The best is that are available in spanish too. Netmake is in the market for about 10 years. They are from Brazil and personally I prefer to sponsor "una compaņia latinoamericana".

    I'm accountant and DBA I'm not an expert in PHP, AJAX, HTML just have basic programming knowledge and skills. I need this great RAD tool. Now I feel like I paid $350 for beta software. Please post updates from Bugs Team. Only Henrique from SC post...

    Incentivar a equipe, vocę pode fazer melhor;


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    I'm not an employee of SC, so I cannot decide for this. But I would request a temporary licence for version 6 if I where you, and if I would be SC I would offer that to all clients who bought 7. But perhaps monday the issue is solved. I'm sure that there's a lot of work being done at SC to solve the reported issues. I guess there's one minor issue who is the main showstopper for the current update trouble. If this one bug is solved it will solve a lot of the reported issues. Hope they'll find it soon. It must be some stupid tiny mistake caused by some hasty last-minute change. Yes, rush is a bad advisor ;-)
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      Hello Elmer,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. That really means a lot to us.

      We are working to correct any issue that might appear as soon as possible. We have already released a new version to correct a few issues.

      Please let us know any problem that you run into. You can always get in touch with our support to address any issue that you might be facing.

      Bernhard Bernsmann