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Templates outdated and SC shortcummings

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  • Templates outdated and SC shortcummings

    Hey guys

    Whats the chance of updating the templates with the new features, even version 6 doesn't have them all working, so how about for version 7....
    Also during my tests of the online-shop none of the products are being added to the cart, so really a useless template if its not even functional, update them please with the latest features of version 7!

    And what about adding some basic CSS3 features to the design aspects, basic colors? come on gradients are wanted for sure by all!

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    Hello jamie,

    Actually on each SC version release, new samples are created with it so our users can know about new features, and how to implement them on their own projects.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      is that with the live versions only? because with the demo I have version 6 and version 7, all templates have the same version no. and creating them doesnt show any new features. In fact the first one (projectmanagement v.2.0) I opened to test I had to change all the fields and menus myself myself and update them to how they should be displayed and then they don't include the new features.

      So can I please have the updated versions?

      At the moment I have the following being identical in both version 6 and version 7:

      Security 2.0
      Training 1.0
      Onlineshop 2.1
      Helpdesk 2.1
      Projectmanagement 2.0
      Samples 2.0
      News 2.0
      Albums 2.0

      I do think that if they were updated then you would also update the version of the samples/templates no?
      Either way I would like to have the updated and working versions of these as the onlineshop cart doesn't work, products are not added....


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        Sometimes I think the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing


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          any further replys on this?

          just to note have gone thru the online demos/examples and hey there's no changes there, that's if they are working at all.....


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            Hello Jamie,

            When you are creating a project your default version will always be 1.0. That doesn't mean that you are working with OnlineShop 1.0, instead of 2.1.

            Bernhard Bernsmann


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              HI, I'm using the template of online shop, but it doesn't work.
              none of the products are being added to the cart.
              Some knows why this happens and how can I fix it?

              Thanks in advance.


              It seems like the problem was in blank_add_cart App, the code is:
              sc_exec_sql("INSERT INTO CART (session_id, productid, quantity) VALUES ('". session_id() ."', ". [v_product] .", 1)");
              but in database the record added shows in session_id field: . session_id() . So, when the form_cart App ask in where statement for sesión_id the result is nothing.

              What can I do, to solve this issue??

              Edit2: I solved the problem, but I can't explain why the original code didn't work.

              Original code of blan_add_cart App:
              sc_exec_sql("INSERT INTO CART (session_id, productid, quantity) VALUES ('". Session_id() . "', ". [v_product] .", 1)");
              Replaced code:

              $sid = session_id();
              sc_exec_sql("INSERT INTO CART (session_id, productid, quantity) VALUES ('".$sid. "', ". [v_product] .", 1)");
              With this change all Works fine
              Last edited by quatrero; 05-22-2013, 12:54 PM.


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                cool any chance this can be fixed in the actual template??????


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                  Thanks for the feedback, I will report the issue to our bugs team.

                  Bernhard Bernsmann