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    Hi all

    Am back again after a few months checking out the trial again before I buy, yes I am very interested but still I see there are various issues and doubts. So I figured I would try and go over them here again as it seemed to be helpful last time.

    So firstly the provided templates...
    1: Shop demo is still not working, products are not added to cart... is there a reason for this? os is it juts still broken?
    2: Training demo, also doesnt work...... its as if its half finished.....
    3: News template is the same, is as if its half finished....

    Not sure why I remmber last time I was here I asked why they didnt have the features, which they partialy do now, even thou they have just been thrown together.. yes before somebody says they havent they have. I would recommend that somebody spends some time and actualy makes sure all the fields correct and that the new and even old features are actulay all implimented and working in these, they are your DEMOS right.
    Its one major thing which puts me off buying..... when your own demos dont work or are incomplete!

    So I see that most the anoying bugs are gone which is great!

    There are a few things I would def like to see in this app, which for sure others would agree with.... well I hope so anyway.

    1: Posibility to clone a project
    2: create your own updated enhanced version of templates
    3: Much better Styling options, especialy for he stupid menu, its so limited
    - have been trying the last 3 days to add a nice menu and it just sucks. cant even style manualy which would be great, a simple html editor in place and add your own css/html....
    4: more Videos to learn how to do some of the cool things that can be done, such as paypal, styling, libraries.....

    And now to my long list of questions.. well not that long but things I would like to know before I buy...
    Its either scriptcase or phprunner and I would rather buy this, it seems to be more powerfull.

    1: How would I include exteral jquery libraries, say jquery forms or for a gallery? A guide on this would be GREAT!
    2:What version of jquery is used by the platform?
    3: How to include an API, example please maybe for credit card auth??? yes I know paypal , but paypal sucks for alot of things!
    4: How do you style the sub-sub menu element? as it has no options within the menu builder!!!!
    5: Is it possible to add directions to the google map? If so how???
    6: Is it posible to manualy edit the menu?
    7: Is there somewhere a guide on how to ad your own html template? I mean a real guide!
    8: Is it possible to add jquery elements into the library for use in various projects? instead of having to rewrite it each time...
    9: Are there any examples of libraries, as the very basic one I found doenst mean anything to me...??

    I know its long, but it would of been one or 101 posts, so I will be crossing my fingers for a good reply, if not then I gues will just have to post item seperatly and spam the forum lol

    Thanks in advance aducom for sure your gonna be the one to reply as you was previously

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    I would like to. But these questions are mainly to be answered by Scriptcase. I'm not an employee but a volunteer willing to help people out. In fact you can do anything with scriptcase, but you need to be aware of the fact that it has it's strong *and* it's weak points. We managed to come over the weak points by hacking our way in. What I mean to say is that for the crud things you have a great product in Scriptcase. The fact that you can easily incorporate your own code into it makes it for us invaluable. We do googlemaps, but don't use scriptcase for that but access the googleapi ourselfs. Same goes for LDap which we have integrated in version 6, etc. I know you can style your own templates and menu's, and I don't see your issue here. I think that the menu is great, the colours is a matter of taste and you can change them. The amount of time you save in your development process is using the points sc is strong in. That saves you a lot of time you can spend on your own businessprocess. For us SC is the best product in it's field and we have (almost) tried them all. Generators, frameworks etc. But if you seek a product which is strong in all points then you can stop looking, 'cause there isn't any.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      Albert thanks for your comments I remember that your not a scriptcase employee, yet it seems you run the forum lol
      You wouldnt have an example of how you style your own menu/templates would you as it is something missing in all the guides/videos *how to without using the limited inbuilt editor that is..
      Also how you add the google api would be great....

      Thanks Albert!

      And then I await for a Scriptcase Employee to sell me this product, ie help with some basic questions which I have seen others also have asked on this forum.....


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        I did not create full themes myself, but changed menu's and templates to suit my need. But honest, the university house theme is very simple. Also I changed a template to let clicking on the logo jumps to another website. Not rocket science, but useful. I'll be most happy to share. But the best way is to ask for help in certain situations: what do you want to achieve etc.
        Questions regarding issues about SC is something for scriptcase itself. As a reseller I like (and need to) to keep a low profile regarding that here. We cannot solve technical issues, bugs etc. But we will try to help you anytime as we are doing here on this forum and our own.
        Albert Drent
        aducom software netherlands
        scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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          As previously mentioned I am used to using DW, so what I really want to know is how I could use scriptcase to create say a basic website, a cms platform and a full blown store of course all with custom templates jquery gallerys and animations.
          From what I am gathering, for a cms as an example I would use the blank app to create all front end pages and use the scriptcase apps to create the cms platform. For something as simple as this I have been having a hard time to find any real guides or information.

          I do have an idea of where to start but without any real examples it is very difficult to see how else I could use scriptcase other than creating online applications.

          Then of course there are some of the great features I see with scriptcase such as the use of libraries, just again with a lack of real examples or guides its difficult for me to see how I could leverage the power of this to suit my needs. And my needs at the moment is really websites, cms platforms and online stores which is a large part of my freelance business.

          Would it help if I post a single post for each item that I really need some help with?

          Otherwise my questions above would be really helpful..... or how about a short version

          1: How to use an external api, as you mentioned u use google map api separately, do you have an example of how you added that into a scriptcase app, that would solve some of my questions for sure.
          2: How would I use jquery forms, gallery or sliders within a blank form and a scriptcase app?

          Am hoping somebody from scriptcase also replies to my original post!!!! Is a bit of a downer when you trail thru the forums and you see loads of questions not answered.... its off putting for potential buyers and for sure they have the same questions as mine

          Thanks in advance Albert!
          Oh Albert would you do a one a one session to show how to do some of what I need? would be happy to pay of course, as long as you dont cost an arm and a leg lol
          Wouldnt need for another week I guess wont be buying till end of next week, but that one is for sure so I really need to know how I can use this for production on a daily basis, instead of just playing around.


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            Jamie, I advise you to do a online session with scriptcase. It's interactive, and you will be able to ask your questions directly to scriptcase. See Not that I mind doing this myself, but I think that scriptcase needs to take care of you. I never rip my customers off, I wouldn't be here around. But I do own a commercial company so why pay for that if you can have at least a sesssion for free?
            Albert Drent
            aducom software netherlands
            scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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              cool, last i looked the dates were old, see now they have updated so I have registered and will go from there.