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    This is not to offend anyone, simply seeking input as to how deal with support vs. no support from scriptcase.

    I have scriptcase and have been staying away from "buy support" for a couple of reasons, see below so I am looking for some input.

    No Support service means the following:
    1) Chats: Chats are dropped and ignored plus are extremely slow in responding I done this twice today with not one single timely response to the chat.
    2) Forums: Forum replies are about 80% ignored - no responses from users or from script case team.
    3) Videos: There are videos out there one can learn from it but many key instructions are missing and most are geared towards "Windows PC environments", nothing for any other type of pc. such as the MAC or Linux.

    Buying Support: what will this give me the same treatment as above ??? how can I make sure the minute I seek for help after buying support I am going to get it ???.

    Any experiences are greatly appreciated.


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    Ad 1. Might be, Ad 2, 80%? I don't think so, Ad 3, SC is a web application. Why should it behave differently on other platforms? Buying support, I don't have good experiences with that, not that they are not willing, but the quality of answering questions is not that good. The language barrier is a real issue. Same goes for ticket support. But that's my opinion and I managed to find my way around and -where possible- trying to help people out.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
    scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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      1) I will talk to our support manager regarding you complaint. Also notice that chat support might take some time because depending on your problem, our support team will have to seek an answer through developing and testing the issue you are facing. And that takes time.

      2) Our Forum is a meeting place for ScriptCase developers. I have to disagree about 80% of the topics being ignored.. Also I find the forum to be a great place to seek knowledge from older topics.

      3) Actually some (perhaps most?) of our videos are recorded on Linux environments. And as Mr. Drent said once you have your Web Server up and running, the experience should be "the same" regardless of your OS.

      What are you missing on our videos? I will pass your suggestions to our team.

      Bernhard Bernsmann


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        Hi Javier
        I can only speak of personal experience, which I can say that I haven't been very pleased with the support, documentation or even the training. It hasn't been the best experience, especially while looking at buying scriptcase over the last 1 year.

        Personally I will be buying scriptcase and hope that everything else gets better, I am also still pondering if I should opt for support included or not bother as it does seem to be a waste of time. But at the same time I think that when the time comes and I have a real problem then I will need to open a ticket as it has been recommended to many users in the forum.
        And what then if I have not support available or tickets......
        I think there is a catch 22 there somewhere!

        When I buy I think I will opt for support even thou it will be the basic and hope that with my comments and blerbs here that they get improved


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          Hope for improvement? not likely.
          You should buy the product because it has a lot of potential but nothing is perfect.
          Will I buy support? I guess I am now being forced to buy it since I have been stuck for several days, I was told support would be calling but I am still waiting.

          My experience is that support will not speak to you and completely ignore your questions unless you buy it, as this is understandable, some of the questions are of a vary basic nature and should be part of the basic documentation but is not.

          Mr. Bernsmann,
          The chat room is a sad situation, most of the times I have tried the chat room I spend anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes just waiting for the person that "entered" the chat room to respond and 80% their first question is how can I help you which means they have not even bother to read the question I typed 5-20 minutes ago so I don't think they are looking at anything to resolve while they make you wait and a good % of the time the chat is dropped ("bad connection, please be patient") ...

          The assumption that everything works the same or should work the same on different platforms is a bad assumption. The folders that Scriptcase recognizes on Window are not the same as on a MAC or a Linux machine and the videos simply fly thru the instructions in my case I am trying to deploy my very first project using a MAC P.C. but the video simply say enter the name of the directory you will use no example nothing. So far any directory I have used on the MAC is not getting recognized by Scriptcase.

          It is a bummer to say these things, the product is good is a good investment but it is pretty frustrating having to hunt for the very basic information which simply is not there.


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            Hello Javier,

            I will talk about your complaints regarding our support chat to our support manager and as to our videos to our international team (which records those videos). Thanks for your feedback.

            Bernhard Bernsmann


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              Hello Bernhard,

              I just buy scriptcase and its really great, but poor support spoiled it, I never get solution from either live chat and ticket,
              knowledgebase and video helps but image missing on some topics, looking forward for improvement of support

              Franko Tse


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                You are welcome to post your questions here. Perhaps we do better ;-)
                Albert Drent
                aducom software netherlands
                scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                  Hello Franko,

                  Welcome to our forum!

                  Thanks for your feedback.

                  Bernhard Bernsmann


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                    Scriptcase product its great, but its better to ask in this forum.
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                    Best Regards
                    Hiram BQ


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                      totally agreed, also don't waste time on support ticket or live chat, just forget it, no support at all


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                        don't buy support