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  • deployment time

    I am currently using evaluation version and trying to deploy a very simple form to my remote server.
    However, it seems it takes hours to deploy it using 'deploy on ftp server' - i can see it is still transferring !
    Is that a norm ?


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    You can alternatively deploy to a ZIP file, copy the zip file to your server (through FTP using FileZilla for instance), and then extract the ZIP file on your server.

    That has always been the fastest way to deploy apps for me.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Yes, it's due to the large standard libs which are copied too. Besides the method of Bernhard I always deploy to a local station too for testing. It also allows you to upload only the changed files only after your initial upload. I can be done directly from scriptcase but you have not insight about the progress of the deploy. That's why I deploy locally and upload using filezilla.
      Albert Drent
      aducom software netherlands
      scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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        I will put in my two bits

        Here is my deployment process, simply because I don't have a lot
        of resources available.
        My development and testing is done on my laptop

        1) I deploy the entire project to a zip file.
        2) I unzip the deployment to a local file on my laptop.
        3) I use FileZilla to upload the entire project to the prod server
        4) I configure the prod server database connection
        5) I test to make sure apps work.

        Any new apps or changes to apps I deploy from within

        I don't send anything but the app
        So I uncheck
        No common libraries and no common files

        My two bits



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          Thank's all for your answers