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    A really really annoying point is that during the backup from v7 php 5.3 to v71 php 5.4 there are no style sheets copied. That is pretty bad.
    Then to top it off the old v7 version no longer works apparently we cant run them both on the same server. So now we cant even look in the old v7 version what the exact stylesheets are... Even tho both are running on the same server... Jeez.. You are making it hard for developers...


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      If you want to setup a Scriptcase sample-cases like me, compile all the Scriptcase inner samples and install the PHP code on one server, you will be screwed like me. When your clients open one application(such as Samples) in his browser, and then he close the current window open another(such as projectManager), he will everything chaos and errors everywhere, why? Because in the sample cases Scriptcase named all the data-connection as conn-example and in a session they will keep the session in it. For example, you connect the MySQL database "samples" first, and when you open the 2nd application, it will directly use the "samples" database.

      This really killed me, and I re-install the Ubuntu system for 2 times then I found it could be that problem.

      Could you please change this? That's really stupid.