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    I wonder how come the BUGS section has almost 2500 posts, while comparing to other sections they have significantly less messages.
    Doesn't this mean something to NetMake ?


    On a scale of 1 to 10, how well Net Make handles bug fixing ?


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    Originally posted by aka View Post
    I wonder how come the BUGS section has almost 2500 posts [...]
    I do not (wonder)... many "bugs" are our own fault.
    Best regards: - Reinhard -

    I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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      Or they are due to insufficient documentation from the side of scriptcase....


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        This discussion goes nowhere... what's the purpose?
        Albert Drent
        aducom software netherlands
        scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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          I think the purpose is to figure out if the community has same opinion on taking care of bugs in SC.
          It is not easy to run a software company like NetMake, and there will be always a need to make choices and priorities. Asking questions on the forum, might give the users and the manager a point of view what is the most important for the users. For example: some would prefer new features, and some would prefer old bugs fixed. Some things which are not crucial, but are very very easy to fix stay not fixed for very long time (i.e 2 years). So the point is to figure out what the demand from majority of users is ?



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            I'm here to solve problems reported about the Scriptcase. I'll be watching the forum every day constantly, ask that you have a little patience, initially it will not be a simple job and will be a matter of time before all the problems (and no problems) are tested and fixed.
            Best Regards,
            John L. Santos

            Bug Tracker Team
            NetMake - IT Solutions


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              Which is good news and *very* welcome John. Finally old issues are going to get fixed.
              Albert Drent
              aducom software netherlands
              scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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                OK, great! My support just expired, and I do not feel like I wanna pay for extended support just to get SC bugs fixed, so.....
                can you take care of my major problem at the moment, which is SC not being able to update ?
                I tried to
                - reinstall browser
                - run update from another PC (from the same office)
                - disable firewall
                - reinstall SC

                nothing works
                and some answers from Tech Support are so idiotic, that I do not even want to quote them here.
                The bottom line is that I neither want or be able to run manual updates every few days. We need to find the solution or what causes the problem.
                There is obviously separate post regarding this problem

                Thanks - Arthur


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                  I do agree with you Arthur; I myself have a support expired account for some 200+ days now, and certainly I'm not invited to renew that service since I couldn't get any decent help to do my Systems' development job. I felt like "on my own" all this year and it's OK since I do like ScriptCase; I think is a good product but with very poor support.

                  I'm sorry SC support team, but we are not trying to sink you down with our comments; we are only trying help all of us in here. I would seriously suggest that you hire english native speaking people to give support to an outstanding base of SC followers, and "look who's talking"! a spanish speaker guy! but hey! we have all to agree in reference to communicate in one language clearly among customers and vendors worldwide. And that is English.

                  I will keep following SCriptCase development since I do like the product & concept, but I am willing to pay only for good understandable documentation and support in clear plain English; since asking for a clear spanish version would'nt be fair (and probably not worth the investment) to all other SC users' languages.

                  Besides, I say this with authority because I have reviewed all the videos and documentation I have found about SC in Spanish and none has a clear an understandable translation (from Portuguese that is. ). They were fluently "speaked" in spanish, that's it. They were like googled and yes, you could kind of follow what is being said, but when your head depends on the use of a development tool to deliver tight scheduled projects, you need to fully understand what you are in to at all times.

                  PD. Nothing has to be said about the english version videos, which are clear enough and were the only ones that have helped me to clear up things about SC.
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                    Originally posted by RHS View Post
                    I do not (wonder)... many "bugs" are our own fault.
                    I recall being told that most problems are between the back of the chair and the keyboard
                    The GuiGuy
                    ... from Down Under