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  • Big problems with select

    Now seems like a good good question ...... I have a master / detail form .... and detail I have called several lashes to their respective tables or fields to be filled ...... Now what happens is this ..... I have a tab with the name skills this field is a SELECT type and gets the data from another table called Catalog (so choose the option according to the record of that field I have in catalog ), I have another field called relevant skills and here is the question ..... they sHOULD have 3 options to choose HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW and according to the choice made ​​information will be obtained in another table field skills (knowing that ALTA is a field catalog table, MEDIUM is a field catalog table and LOW is a field catalog table) ... ie I click in another field and ALTA ALTA information field catalog table is copied ....

    I hope you can help me please ..... My English Is not so good .....

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    I hope I have the question right. You have a pulldown to select High, medium or low, then after selection you need to fill another pulldown with info depending on this field? In general you define both fields of type select. Then go to the first field and scroll down until you see the checkbox ajax lookup and check it. THen you will be able to define the sql for the 2nd lookup.
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      with the activation of the 2 SELECTS .... via ajax .. longer communicate or will elect the fields HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW and its contents? q remembering ................ HIGH MEDIUM AND LOW are relevant table fields ....... and another question ... when I run the master / detail ... I get the header but not in the detail I get the comobobox or SELECT ..... and when I run the form individually the combobox or SELECT shows ok