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  • Questions before I install...


    at first: Thank you for your time - i have a few questions before I Try the demo.

    1. I see ZenGuard is used in the Download Packages. Does that mean i only get encoded PHP Code in the end?

    2. Are there any bugs in scriptcase and if so can a developer resolve this with a bit of knowledge about the Framework?

    3. I see no documentation for the Framework that scriptcase uses - is that in the Member area?

    4. What Kind of design can we choose? - Can we for instance make our own UI kit with bootstrap?

    Thank you for any answers or comments

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    1: No your deployed code is normal php, so you can simply read it.
    2: yes there are bugs, but the generated code can be edited and altered. In fact you can simply use xdebug (or other php debuggers) if you so wish.
    3: jquery and some other librariess are used. But basically you stick with what is generated via scriptcase. So you do not have total freedom, although you can hack your way around it using jquery and if you know hat you are doing. The basic scriptcase is quite usefull tho so you probably wont need it.
    4: you can setup your stylesheets and make alterations but setting up your own UI kit with bootstrap is something else. Tho if you insist you can probably still get that working via a control application.


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      Thank you for your answers.

      Point one was one of my biggest fears - no customer likes a "Black Box" to run his applications.

      I will try scriptcase over the weekend and see if i can work with it.