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    I am a new Scriptcase customer [My version is Enterprise] Thank you for your support but we really need a video that explain [step by step] how to make a complete software [ERP for example] using Scriptcase.
    Yes, there are a lot of videos but it all about various issues and nothing connect them together.

    Thank you
    Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.

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    You need to start with the simplest videos first. Basically you make your database tables first in your preferred tool (or in scriptcase but I virtually never do that).
    Give every table a primary key, otherwise it is harder to work with scriptcase.
    Then go to your scriptcase development login page, and login as admin. Create a user with a password and set the proper rights. Then logout and login as that user. Then create a new project. After that create a database connection (it is somewhere in the menu) and test it. Then create a form or grid application and using the database connection you have just tested and choose the table you want from you database. Set the primary key in scriptcase and show/hide the fields as you wish. Then just generate the code and you are kind of done with a basic setup.
    All this is in the videos at just look through the 3 basic videos and then through the form video. After that follow that form video but then for your table..
    That should be enough to create a basic form.. It is really not that hard..


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      Thank you so much [rr] for your reply.
      Actually I've done that without any problem, but a complete video tutorial for complete software will answer many question we really need to know. I've seen the videos but as i said before, current videos are about various issues so it is very difficult to connect between them to build a complex software. Why not the company make a tutorial about how to build a software that already provided with SC like [Help Desk] or [Project Management]?
      Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.


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        We started something like this on our website Go to scriptcase -> video's. Currently we are making a personal document manager and on regular times we enhance the samples. It starts blank out of the box. The idea is to create full application tutorials. It's not going that fast, as it is a lot of work to make, but ...
        Albert Drent
        aducom software netherlands
        scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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          aducom. great news and by the way thank you for your great efforts in helping new developers. you really did a great job. keep it up
          Scriptcase V8.1 Enterprise Edition.