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renewal of subscription questions

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  • renewal of subscription questions

    I have the renewal window appearing all the time and am debating if its worth paying for the updates....

    Do the standard updates not continue so the bug fixes?

    Feeling a bit ripped off if that;s the case the blimmin thing only started working what 2 months ago, so many bugs and issues.....
    Now at long last it starts to work nicely and i should pay again? hmm
    Any advice? What does everybody else do? wait for major update or continue with a subscription?

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    You have to renew updates with pay from your account.


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      Originally posted by Moon968 View Post
      You have to renew updates with pay from your account.
      moon, go back to the stars because u obviously have no clue!


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        In general you buy a subscription for a year, then a lower fee for continuous subscription per year. In that you receive updates and new versions. It's the way it works. As soon as the subscription ends you will not receive more updates.
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