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There a live connection between sc development/apps and main SC servers?!!!

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  • There a live connection between sc development/apps and main SC servers?!!!

    hi guys, since day one using sc (almost 2 months ago) up to now, I'm noticing a small error message pops up when I first open the sc and loggin in... I usually ignore it, but last time I took a look at it, and seems there is active connection between sc development environment and SC servers in brazil and hence this warnining is that couldn't connect to it!!?!?

    my questions are simple... most of us have firewall and this may block this connection, i'm one of them,

    1- why there would be active connection between my development env. and sc servers? is it for validating the license only then stops? what other info are being sent to SC/netmake??

    2- how i can make sure there is no such connection between the generated applications and the sc/net make server, so if they go down or messed up with, i have my applications safe?

    3- what happened if anything goes wrong in net make servers? are the development environments of the people will still run ok? are the generated apps still work ok?

    just wonder why you keep an active link between the dev and the vendor (net make) isn't it privacy concern or additional resource that make slow down and get error such as these??



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    SC checks for available updates ... You can disable that (Options / Settings / System Settings / "Check for ScriptCase Update ...").
    Best regards: - Reinhard -

    I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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      no, i don't think this is the case...
      while exploring the langues "phrases" in sc langues bar, i noticed strange phrase that comes with sc as default, says something like "this app was built with fake serial number of sc, contact netmake to purchase a license" means there will be a connection between sc servers and the generated apps i wounder what would happened if someone deploys an app to a network server "intranet" without internet connection, maybe it means it wont work!? or slowness due to trying to establish connection?


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        I'm curious about this also...

        I'm sure I read somewhere that their is no connection. One way to find out is to unplug the internet connection.
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