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union query in automatic lookup not working

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  • union query in automatic lookup not working

    I need to write query in automatic field 'text' lookup like this :
    select ename from
    (select code, ename from tablex
    union all
    select '00' as code, 'Admin' as ename) A
    where code ='{field}'
    order by ename

    but it does not show any result in sc 7.01.021, what did I do wrong here?

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    hi, do you mean the lookup of the fields that to replace with db values? ok if this is the case, then don't use automatic lookup for a query

    to use a query like the one wrote, try with macros in events, then use your the outcome variables wherever you want

    think about automatic lookup like filling for you a "description" of a field from a table instead of its actual dv value id (primary/foreign keys)