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Session ID in URL

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  • Session ID in URL

    in the settings of a project you can define that SC stores the session-id not in a cookie, but in the URL.
    I did and generated the whole application new.

    My project is called from other servers

    Server A ==> calles my SC-Page on another Server B (in an iframe).
    Sso my sc project is a THIRD server web site. Some browsers don't allow cookies of THIRD servers in their
    security settings. I thought, that session in URL would solve my problem, but it seems that SC nevertheless uses Cookies, so
    my THIRD page is not working, because of security setting of the browser. This security setting is the default value for
    the safari browsers. So my software is not working, if the user uses safari.

    Any idea ??

    Best regards
    Uwe Pfeiffer

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    Try this, maybe this helps..
    You can of course add your own cookies.