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  • Nas install

    Someone has installed SC7 on some NAS like Synology or Qnap ?

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    No. But I do own a Synology NAS. Never thought of it using it for this purpose, but actually it's a great solution. But I expect some chalenges though. Although it's a linux system, it already comes out-of-the-box with mysql and php. This configuration isn't that easy to change afaik because you don't have root access, but only the web menu. But I will investigate some forums, because it would be great if it could be done. But that won't be 'tomorrow' I'm affraid. Not very much time lately.
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      I have a Synology and you can enable Telnet and SSH access through the Control Panel on the Synology. I am using version 4.2 and you can use a program like Putty to connect to the Synology and modify the php.ini and mysql.conf files. Also, through the GUI you can use the config editor from the main panel to modify the apache config files. I have not yet installed scriptcase on the synology yet. I will have to try that and let you know.


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        I installed Scriptcase on my Synology NAS DS410 but it will not work with my version due to the limitation of the CPU and it's inability to run the Zend Guard Loader that is required by Scriptcase development environment. I apparently don't own one of the supported models that Synology recommends for the Zend tool. I really like my Synology so if I ever replace it, I will go with a Synology model that supports Zend.