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[SOLVED] Convert Project v6 -> v7

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  • [SOLVED] Convert Project v6 -> v7


    I have 2 scriptcase installations on my server. Version 6, where my project is located...and Version 7 as a fresh installation. Now I want to export V6 Project and import it to my SC Version 7 Project. Of course this does not work due to the different versions.

    I tried the Convert V6->V7 with my Scriptvase 7, but the error message is "Wrong Path to version 6 installation". The path should be ok, but it's still not working. How can I find out the correct path to enter? I used the address which opens my SC6 installation in browser. Something like this "". I tried "" and without the "http://" as well. Nothing!

    So how can I ship my project to version 7???

    PS: Really sweet if you got problems like that and you can't contact support, because support expired.

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    Never mind...I found a path that SC7 accepted...Projects are imported, so I will test them now...