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There are No instructions to upgrade php5.4 for MAC OS

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  • There are No instructions to upgrade php5.4 for MAC OS

    I am reading bad experiences for the new upgrade and I am concerned because of issues I see other folks are running into with instructions. I am using a MAC OS for script case but there are NO instructions on how to migrate for MAC OS and LINUX operating systems only for Windows.

    Can somebody please advice if the same steps for Widows OS are the same for other operating systems or should I be looking for them somewhere else?

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    I just completed this process. The page says you can have both versions running on the same machine, however, this is NOT true on MacOSX. Here is what I figured out to do:

    1 - Make a backup of your current installation. (Options->Settings->Backup) [ HINT: I did this step twice to two different locations, better safe than sorry! I also renamed the original v7 directory to v7-old, this causes the uninstall routine to leave the old directory intact as a double backup. You can delete it once the new version is up and running correctly.]

    2 - Completely remove the current installation. (Go into your applications folder / Open Netmake / Open V7 / Run

    3 - Install the new version by downloading the latest installer and running it.

    4 - Restore your original settings. (Options->Settings->Restore / Click on Restore Zip link and choose your saved backup file)

    That is it. You should now have the latest version running and all your original settings/apps restored.

    Good Luck!


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      Hello Javier,

      I will contact our team regarding your complaint.

      Thanks for your feedback,


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        Hello Javier,

        I was informed that the procedure is the same to all OS's.

        Backup Scriptcase
        Uninstall Scriptcase - PHP 5.3
        Install Scriptcase - PHP 5.4
        Restore Scriptcase's backup

        Bernhard Bernsmann