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    Since I got no help in resolving the problem I'm posting this as possible bug. The following code (when ebeeded into "OnExecute" event in the vertical menu is not working.

    PHP Code:
    if ({sc_menu_item} == "item_15")

    I'm expecting NetMake to test it and respond

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    I am getting same problem wirth Firefox. With Chrome no problem.


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      Both browser have the same problem!!!!. Please Netmake How Fix us this bug?


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        I found the problem. In my case, the property LINK of menu was in blank.


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          OK, so at least we know now IT IS A BUG !

          Dear NetMake - can you please respond and confirm this is registered as bug and needs to be fixed ASAP


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            Hello guys,

            We can't simulate the problem, the macro worked normally in onExecute event of the menu.

            see video in link bellow, tell me if I did something wrong.

            Best regard,
            NetMake team

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              OK I saw the video and I saw it working but it is not what I have in my project. Here is how to reproduce what I have
              1. Create menu
              2. Add Top Level menu item
              3. Add at least 3 or more submenu items
              4. Place your code in the OnExecute event in one of the items (i.e item_2)
              For that you need to use some conditional statement (right), so use the code from the first post please

              5. Try to call the same form and see if it's working

              I would also suggest to use Windows PC (no Linux) so we have similar environment.
              For this project I used WinXP/SP3 PC, Firefox v43, SC8.1(latest).

              Once you confirm it works under this criteria we can analyze whet else could be a problem.
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                I just downloaded SC update ( as of Friday December 18th/2015) and it seems like this bug was fixed. I haven't have enough time to test all parameters but one I needed
                Here is the code
                PHP Code:
                if ({sc_menu_item} == "item_15")
                sc_apl_conf ("form_t_ticket_4co""start""new");

                and now it works as expected.
                Thank you all for your time.

                I also replaced called form with another form (actually almost the same functionality but different name). This could be also the reason that not the macro works. Similar scenario is encountered when switching forms called from grid (when all of the sudden the ADD NEW button is gone). To be hones I'm not sure which of the two helped (an update or replacing called form).

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                  insert and start params does not have the same effect. Insert is to disable the Add button, and start is to open the form creating directly a new record.

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                    that is why I used START / NEW, but there is another problem because now when I use CANCEL button instead going back to the parent App (which in this case is a Top Menu) it jusr reopens the same form with 1st record filled into the fields.