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Internet-Explorer -> huge form -> update button (no function) (ScriptCase: 8.1.027)

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  • Internet-Explorer -> huge form -> update button (no function) (ScriptCase: 8.1.027)

    Hi all,

    it seems that I met my old enemy again. I got a project with several forms, and unfortunally a lot of users with different browsers.
    Everything is working fine, ... except an old bug I knew from the past. Huge forms update buttons are not working under MS-Internet Explorer.

    What do I call a huge form? 30-40 fields and 3-4 master-detail fields.

    Can this please be fixed? Unbelieveable, but they really want to use these MS-browsers.
    Is there a work around (different to "use another browser)?

    Best regards


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    No ideas? .....


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      It all depends. Probably you have get kind of javascript error. Check development console. SC uses jQuery 1.8.1 AFAIR, and it's suppose JQuery 1.x branch has support for IE 6+.
      Check errors and see what is there. Without this information is difficult to say.

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        The problem is that I cannot find an error message. Also tried to put an echo into the before update event, which does not seemed to be called on IE.