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    Dear NetMake - may I ask what are those templates ? why all those files are here and why they are not in English ?
    Is this a part of SC installation or it was unattended. It looks very unrprofessional and there is no info on its purpose


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    Hello Arthur!

    It's not in the Scriptcase, it's in the samples project.
    However,I already reported this problem and it will be solved as soon as possible!
    Best Regards,
    Gustavo Veras

    Bug Tracker Team
    NetMake - IT Solutions


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      I do not mind to see those samples as long as there is some help on it and the names are in English !
      Perhaps instead removing them just do some documentation


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        I reinforced the request again for this case.

        Note: Even if we do cleaning in the examples projects, the files that are already on your ScriptCase environment will not be deleted.
        We can not delete files that are in directories the levels public, user or project.

        If you want to check the directories manually, see:


        Public (scriptcase/devel/conf/sys)
        Project (scriptcase/devel/conf/grp/<projectname>)
        User (scriptcase/devel/conf/usr/<username>)


        tpl/footer - HTML templates of Footer.
        tpl/free- HTML templates of User defined (Grid Orientation).
        tpl/header - HTML templates of Header.
        tpl/helpcase - HTML templates of Helpcase.

        #Security Module
        securitymodule - Profiles of Security Modules.

        schema - Project Themes.

        schemas/editor_html - Profile of HTML Editor
        schemas/menu - Profile of Menu Icons

        lookup_def - Profiles of Load lookup definitions in Lookup Method Manual.

        menu - Themes of CSS Menu.

        libraries - External Libraries

        lib - Internal Libraries

        img/aba - Tabs images.
        img/bg - Backgrounds Images.
        img/btn - Buttons Images.
        img/ico - Icons Images.
        Last edited by John L. Santos; 05-19-2016, 03:46 PM.
        Best Regards,
        John L. Santos

        Bug Tracker Team
        NetMake - IT Solutions


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          Thanks John!
          I would really love to see more tutorials, examples etc on using external tools with SC CSS/HTML files as well as different layouts, template variables etc. Perhaps you could do some webinars on this topic. It would be very helpful. SC is really plain in making Apps look good and doesn't have much customization options (in sense of layouts). Coding templates manually takes lots of time and complex screens are not easy to manage in the code. I would love to see SC finally start integrating with some external tools.

          I would love to see SC also to become open and allow other developers add plugins, components etc. This way you would make your tool grow much faster. So far it is completely closed. We cannot even add code samples to the SC library (right side of the code editor).