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Column Alignment BUG - SECOND REQUEST

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  • Column Alignment BUG - SECOND REQUEST

    I reported this bug 2 months ago. No fix so far ! PLEASE FIX IT

    When using a lookup column (to display related data from another table) the fields are centered. The alignment setting for the column has no effect and no matter what I do the fields are centered (while I want the column aligned to the LEFT) ! GridAlignmentBug_0034.png

    the settings screen in the second image

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    I have the same problem with a grid. It does not align. +1


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      Whenever column / field alignment doesnt work, full F5 refresh should do it. But if the application is running on iframe, no matter how much you try to do the F5, it won't work.

      Right click on the application, then click Reload frame. This will refresh the CSS that contains the column alignments.


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        NO - F5 does not fix the problem. THIS IS A BUG IN SC ! Please do not post false or misleading information.


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          We can't simulate it.
          The problem still occurs?

          In the video bellow shows how we test it. Please, tell me if have some problem in step by step in the video.

          The problem occurs in all browsers?
          If possible, send the application and database for we can check better the problem.
          Best regard,
          Netmake team
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            OK, it seems like this has been fixed but I need a week or so to confirm it is working fine everywhere.