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Summarry Locked Unable to change. SUM does not work for Decimal

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  • Summarry Locked Unable to change. SUM does not work for Decimal

    I created summary for my report report consisting of all numbers. Some of the fields are currency values, some are integers and few are decimals.

    Issue # 1 - This is major issue - Once summary is created and fields are selected - making changes to summary does nothing. You are unable to remove fields from summary or even disable summary. I unchecked all boxes in summary field screen and system makes absolutely no changes in the actual report, all summary fields are still there unchanged.
    I was able to replicate this on brand new report.

    Issue # 2 - System began returning error for decimal value - Decimals are numeric values, I see no reason why decimals are not good values for SUM under summary settings. Here is the error - "Comment: Cannot sum not numerical data (decimal_value)"

    Despite giving this error - system does work and calculates decimal values.

    As a rule you should allow the developer to decide what fields will be summed together, without any restrictions. If developer introduces an error by trying to use SUM on non numeric fields - its his problem to deal with.
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    I had the same problem, I solved changing the table name and making newly the app.