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[SOLVED] Exit Button Problems

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  • [SOLVED] Exit Button Problems


    Since updating to version 8.1.039 this morning I am having the following problem with the Exit button on my grid / form applications.

    I am calling a grid from a treeview menu.

    If I then open a form from a grid in the same window (by clicking the pencil) and then launch another grid from this form (also in the same window) the Exit button does not return to the correct window (see screenshot) when exiting the form.

    So basically....

    Treeview -> Grid -> Form -> Grid.

    Then Exit -> Exit.

    Produces the results in the attached screenshot. This worked in previous versions.



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    The bug has been reported to our dev team. Thanks for the feedback


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      This problem was solved in update 8.1.040.
      Please, update your ScriptCase.

      Thank you!
      Best Regards,
      John L. Santos

      Bug Tracker Team
      NetMake - IT Solutions


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        I am also having a similar problem originating from a control module. When I press "Exit", Scriptcase takes me to a frame that shows all of my current projects.


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          Similar problem here. I open a Form from the MENU. When the form is saved and I click Exit button the App goes back to the menu but it opens it in a new frame, so I end up with two vertical menus one on top of another. 2017-07-25 19_00_24-mu_worker.png

          I use SC 8.1.067 so it looks like the issue was not solved

          I tried sc_redir() macro hoping this will work but no luck :-(

          any workaround ???
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            I ended up creating my own exit buttons on all of my apps which sc_redir() to an exit URL parameter which gets passed in via the calling app.

            Keep in mind though that if you're using a tab interface with multiple apps open at the same time that the exit URL parameter name needs to be unique for each app, to avoid conflicts. For example..

            // PHP button code.

            It burnt me for a while that Scriptcase parameter names need to be unique.