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    Hi Mike. I know and understand what you mean, but they are busy right now. I spoked with Marcia,and probably Wiki will be hosted under Sc domains in future, meanwhile I will host it. My idea Is a community driven wiki. I hope help and collaboration from Netmake and from community. Don't know if this project will work,it's a proof of concept.

    Problem with issue tracker is that need "moderators " to avoid duplicate entries. I want to implement some templates and good practices from other projects I worked to get a clean tracker where community and netmake employees can query to look through problems. Right now,bugs then from subforum and mails to bugs@.. And then they mix with their Mantis...And this is crazy to maintain. My idea is an independent bugtracker where I, with community help can track bugs, and netmake to consult and report, organised. Yes, I know if they make public his mantis is better but this was asked so many times and I suppose some reasons why they don't want to do it.

    I know others tried this (aducom for example), but it's just one man, he is human too like us we must be organised and work together with Netmake to get a better product.

    I'm trying to concentrate partners on a closed group on Google+ too,to be the force to give pressure. In this group netmake development team is involved.

    Sorry if this message is not much clear,I'm writing from mobile :P
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      Originally posted by Giu View Post
      I know others tried this (aducom for example), but it's just one man, he is human too like us we must be organised and work together with Netmake to get a better product.
      Thanks for your reply and care dude, there are few concepts in life which i hate, one of them when someone says "I'm busy" I believe there is time management, and "priority" hence "I'm busy" can be used only if you didn't plan well, but that is my opinion anyway

      Ok I know Albert Aducom he is very good man, also you, jsb, many other names that can really be beneficial for sc, my point is if the SC guys will not care about improving and making their business wider to the public, and if they do not fix these bugs and make updates quickly, then it will be failure as imshinji said, we all know that.

      In short, if they will adopt it, i am ready also to participate, submitting bugs can be public, we can try and re-produce errors then confirm them for SC guys to take care of... but if they don't, and they stay away, then we will end up with a new loop instead of closing the one we have!

      In even more details, please send to Marcia and Carlos (at least these are whom we know as English community) tell them we arrange for the bug tracker and participate in making things organized and ready for their intervention: However, required part from their side is:
      1- agree for it, and promise to be hosted on sc servers if proved ok with time (say 3 months)
      2- remove or disable this bug forum here, otherwise will make duplicates and we all waste time
      3- add the bug tracker link to their site menus
      4- nominate some staff from their side also to monitor and see how things are going (at least bartho will do)
      5- announce this in one of the webinars or a sticky forum thread to people use...

      Hence, we can make sure everybody will report to a single place (at least for English speakers), this place which is directly shown by SC developers with votes from user, they will also make clear road map for everyone to understand what he is waiting for.... in return, we get the benefit of tracking and following up bugs in an organized way.... I can help as said above, with testing and confirming, also can add many minor things which I didn't report them even - more, if you like, i can help with the open source script, have experience in those stuff like moodle, limesurvey and other big names in open source environment.

      A Note: I don't recommend going for wiki now, instead, ask them if they can arrange the help/videos/tutorials all in one place in their website, that will cover, along with the forums... you are right, wiki can combine all information in one place, but sc and people are happy with videos library and tutorials, i think bug tracker will serve us most for now...

      sorry for writing long, i am writing from PC



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        @Giu, I have a mantis available on and offered them to keep track of the issues. No luck so far with sc. But I'm not giving up. Sure they must see the advantage of not having each and every bug reported over and over again. But they (again) just deployed without a decent beta test, so I guess we have to live the 'Brazilian way'.
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          Has anyone noticed that when you try to use "Dynamic Search" it makes all your field entrys duplicate?

          So after activating "Dynamic Search" when you go to enter a character into a field in duplicates. So if you hit the character "h" once you actually get "hh" in the field.

          Has anyone seen this and why hasn't it been fixed yet?


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            Originally posted by instore View Post
            Has anyone noticed that when you try to use "Dynamic Search" it makes all your field entrys duplicate?

            So after activating "Dynamic Search" when you go to enter a character into a field in duplicates. So if you hit the character "h" once you actually get "hh" in the field.

            Has anyone seen this and why hasn't it been fixed yet?
            yes, thats right, that is why this dynamic thing functionality, either in search, in group by is failure, even if you activate it, i have problem working with it as end user, maybe my browser but i use chrome and also used IE10, the java that is used to select the fields as drug and drop seems failure!!

            Also, if you use the tantalization, or group by (dynamic) or even if you don't use it, there is something like this keep there, can't be removed!!! i tried everything but couldn't



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              Layout and pages malfunction


              There is a BUG on handling Pages and Blocks i send in atch two image that explain the problem :

              On first page there are 5 section of fields on second page there are 4 sections of tabs the first tab is displayed correctly the second and so on is displaied not in new iframe but instead after the first tab (Is visible on tabs.png)

              please control this bug i need to solve this problem


              The problem persist after 22/08/2014 update of sc !!!!!!!!
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                well, i see no solution for that label of totalization statue!! yes it is statue, can't be removed, nor used, nor can use the dynamic group by as well, java used for this seems totally broken, i have chrome latest version updated, java ok but the drag drop never worked, not in this totalization mentioned above nor in dynamic group by thing...

                add to that many other if you group by (static) can't get the "count" of fields, there is average, min, max, sum, but no total... i know there is count by default, but can't use with the summary page, i don't if this is in sc8 or sc7, it shoes the values and number 1 beside each one...

                one more important thing, if you have more than group by rule (static) the "Detail" button displayes automatically, and become duplicate when you change the group by rule... first group by gives 1 detail button, 2nd group by shows 2 detail buttons, 3rd group by shows 4 detail buttons, 5th group by shows 8 detail buttons, oh crazy!
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                  Me sucede lo mismo Saludos


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                    error - macros inhabilitan la inserción de registros en formularios únicos, esto comenzó suceder luego de la ultima actualización, liberada, antes funcionó a la perfección. El ámbito de estas macros esta correcto según la tabla de ayudas, y se ejecutan pero inhiben la insercion del registro a la ves que aumentan el valor auto-incremen de la clave en la bases de datos, que es en este caso MySql. saludos.


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                      more: date can't be sorted in summary/group by, i have it as d/m/Y also tried regional settings (dd/mm/yyyy) if selected to be sorted DESC, it does this this:



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                        SC8 update filter theme - not stored

                        I run the latest version of SC8.

                        When I click the checkbox in Layout to actualize the filter-theme, after saving the application the checked box is unchecked again.

                        I think there is an error in using / saving the flag behind the checkbox.

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                          in the chart application, date can't change the format, there is no group by to play with, the name "records" keep appears as title, not able to change anything related including the X and Y labels, can't be changed!!

                          couldn't find any macro to overcome that as well
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                            cannot find onrecord event in pdf app


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                              again, anybody knows how to remove this annoying thing???


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                                Hi everyone,

                                I m facing a critical problem since yesterday when i ugraded to scriptcase v8.002. Field link from grid_t1 to form_t2 is not working.
                                Everything was perfect last week.

                                Please do you have any idea.

                                Here is the error:
                                You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 1 View SQLSELECT count(*) from tier where fk_idappdossierflux=3 and (idtier = ) Close