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BUG import/export public libraries

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  • BUG import/export public libraries

    When I export a project then apparently the public libraries are copied to the export as well.
    If I then import my project then the public libraries will be overwritten.

    This is BAD, not everyone should be allowed to import/export public libraries. I can not turn this off so every export holds part of the public libraries and someone else can then with an import of his project overwrite the public libraries. Please fix this asap.

    I can not change a username since the username is not writeable. I want to change a username and reassign all of his projects from the old username to the new username in one button click. So I would expect a button: change username and transfer projects which doesnt exist.

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    I have also reported this issue by email. Point is that we need to be able to import with an option to disallow importing public libaries.
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