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macro, open form sc_apl_conf() do not appear to work on mobile

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  • macro, open form sc_apl_conf() do not appear to work on mobile

    Greetings And Thank you to anyone who has information regarding this issue.

    I setup a small program with three applications and one menu.
    The menu offers two options... 1) review data - this will open the recordset using the listview for the 5 records in the recordset. There is a link to a formview to add new or review the specific record selected from the listview.

    The menu's second options... 2) open new entry - this will open the formview to a new record because I'm using the sc_apl_conf() macro in the onApplicationInit event.

    Everything works just the way is was designed to do. However, when I go to my iPhone or Android devices and select the open new entry menu option, the formview opens the entire recordset and displays the first record in the set.

    I'm guessing the macro is not working when formview is displayed on small/mobile devices.

    Thanks again for any input / information / feedback

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    Issue reported to our bugs team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      this really is a problem / bug, thank you for the contact. The problem has been reported to the development team and inform on chagelog as soon as fixed.
      Best regards,
      Thomas Soares.
      ScriptCase International.

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