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    Entre las opciones de la barra de herramientas del resumen en el grid, estaban la opción de exportar a varios tipos, ahora solamente esta el pdf e imprimir, se podrán activar las opciones a excel y csv ?

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    Could you please post the issue in english?

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      Among the options on the toolbar in the summary grid, were the option to export to various types, only now is the pdf and print options may be enabled to excel and csv?


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        I will verify this issue with our team.

        Bernhard Bernsmann


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          Hello. I have the same problem. The summary toolbar has a group named export, initially able to export several formats. As rivaco says, when I modify the toolbar, for example adding language and themes, the button gets modified to only pdf and print. I have been looking for where this button is defined but have not found it.



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            did you try to force the buttons manually using events? it is written in the manual
            also check "Export section" there are some settings may be useful
            one more note, i am sure you noticed the toolbar section that allows you to group and define buttons as per the need, do the required buttons are not in the left-column at all?? did you check and apply for desktop and mobile versions?


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              Hi. By forcing do you mean programatically create te buttons? Yes I have read the export section. As you say, there you can configure the output for each kind of document. Yes I have seen the group creation and tried to check the group, how it is defined in a new report, but could´nt figure out how this specific button works. And no, the options for excel or any other kind of output are not in the left column. Thanks for your comment.


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                from the manual


                Activate toolbars buttons on the application in execution time.

                Button_Name: Is the variable name that contains the name of the button to be activated/deactivate.

                Buttons Name (Grid):

                Buttons Name
                first Goes to the first page of the grid.
                back Goes to the previous page of the grid.
                forward Goes to the next page of the grid.
                last Goes to the last page of the grid.
                filter Displays the "Filter" button.
                pdf Generates colored PDF.
                det_pdf Generates detail PDF.
                pdfbw Generates black and white PDF.
                xls Generates the XLS.
                xml Generates the XML.
                cvs Generates the CVS.
                rtf Generates the RTF.
                word Generates the Word.
                print Displays the "Print" button in the grid.
                det_print Displays the "Print" Button in the detail.
                summary Displays the "Summary" button in the grid.
                new Displays the "New" button. (if the application has link for it, or if the form is running in the grid iframe)
                insert Displays the "Include" button of the form. (only for forms running in grid´s iframe)
                update Displays the "Update" button of the form. (only for forms running in grid´s iframe)
                delete Displays the "Delete" button of the form (only for forms running in grid´s iframe)
                qsearch Displays the "Quick Search" button in the grid.

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