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[SOLVED] SERIOUS error in SC8.09 summary not working!!!

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  • [SOLVED] SERIOUS error in SC8.09 summary not working!!!

    Guys, today downloaded and installed latest version 8.009 thoughts things are somehow better! But grrrrr again bugs!!

    anybody summary works for them??? i have simple grid.. start by grid... group by a field... when summary button clicked, message appear records not found...

    if started by "summary" then summary works!!! click on summary values link to go to grid... again message says"records now found!

    bugs usually in all worldwide software are going less, and function goes better, seems trendline of SC is really going to hell, fixing something not needed "looking at changelog" and many other bad and ugly thins appears, please guys, if you want this software to be used people happy, check your changes before publishing, at least make sure nothing harmful to previous stuff happened to your tool, now i have 2 projects stopped just because Major functions are stopped working... summary was working on previous versions how we can rely or not scare before even installing the latest available version!!?? grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    Issue reported to our bugs team.

    Bernhard Bernsmann


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      OH, very awesome feedback bartho, just wonderful, like always, forever...

      What is next? when? confirmed? urgency? importance? prevents customers from using the software? priority? when it is done?


      Look at the your replies history here not even following up and closing "solved" issue, or post feedback message to inform the users that you care... although I doubt there are "solved" issue at all, negative... issues are increasing, bugs becoming more, care becoming less, not-needed functions are increasing, and fundamental stuff decreasing.........

      moreover, guess what, things work fine even after an old bug was confirmed solved.... suddenly after a promising update notification and a big smile waiting for things to be solved........ WOW! more bugs, and a bonus, appearance of the old bugs come live again!!!!!!!

      That is really unfortunate SG guys/bartho, things are going worse, you never put yourself in your customers position, otherwise, you have to stop SC8 right away completely, and do your best to work harder, get out with a version that users can manage.



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        This problem was solved by our support team.
        Best Regards,
        John L. Santos

        Bug Tracker Team
        NetMake - IT Solutions


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          yes John, by creating new application from the scratch.. exactly as the old one created using earlier version of sc8 but when created brand new application with all same settings using the later sc8 then it worked! made me wounder if we have to create new applications from scratch with each sc8 new version! and added this post