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BUGS with menus -> tools -> express edit resets field datatype = select

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  • BUGS with menus -> tools -> express edit resets field datatype = select

    Has anyone had all the fields in the forms with a datatype = int() in the backend and setting the datatype to SELECT in SC8 reset back to datatype = int() AFTER using the express edit option?

    See attached image....

    I have several forms (converted and/or imported from SC7) where I was using one of the old SC6 themes. I decided to update the themes using the SC8_Saphir theme. I ran the menu->tools->express edit and select to use the new theme. Once the express edit finished, I compiled and ran my project only to find every form that had fields set to SELECT (mySQL datatype INT()) had been reset back to SC datatype integer AFTER these fields had been set as SELECT datatype.

    Please ADVISE....

    Is this another Netmaker AKA Scriptcase "self-inflicted BUG"? (I'm really getting tired of paying for and trying to explain to my clients "why" there are delays delivering a usable product when I (WE the NM / SC customer base) are using seriously buggy software simply because it "appears" there is very little or perhaps NONE Quality Control at scriptcase development)


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    Has you some export project and SQL to try?

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      hi stubuck, even if its bug, it is not serious one! re-create your lookups and you are done, good thing that in SC that is being done in no-time!

      We have really serious bugs in sc8 other than this... about myself i decided not to use v8 for now

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        Issue reported to our bugs team.

        Bernhard Bernsmann


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          occurred only in converted applications?

          I performed a test on my system and not getting the same result.

          Follow my test performed:

          I created a new project using a new database in MySQL (UTF8).

          I used a default v7 theme.

          created 6 tables, 3 to store values​​, and 3 to get these values ​​via lookup (select field).

          I used Express Edition to modify the Saphir themes for the v8, and I went to check the fields, but they were all still with the same settings the select field.

          Explain me better so that I can simulate exactly as is happening on your system. Thank you.
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