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    Hello Arthur,

    Could you tell me "the path" to that screen?



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      this is just an example but ALL properties are screwed up and do not show in English


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        It's OK on linux (CentOS).


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          im on linux (Ubuntu) - I see same as aka - TEXTO


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            I didn't follow aka's instructions. I plead guilty to reading comprehension fail.

            I see it on CentOS too.


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              Hello everyone,

              Thanks for your feedback. We are going to fix it.

              Bernhard Bernsmann


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                those are simple fixes which only take few minutes, I'm much more concern about fixing bugs!
                Although I must again make a statement here:

                NET MAKE MUST DEVELOP EVERYTHING IN ENGLISH then translate whatever is necessary to other languages (even developers native Portugese). Failing to do so will result loosing lots of sales. If you do not believe me see the guys who turned of from PC-SOFT who actually has a one of the best development tools on the market but still makes them in their native language first, then translates it into English. The translations, manuals, updates, documents are always behind (their French originals). I know myself more than 20 developers who do not use PC-SOFT tools for that reason.
                On the other hand I use some software from the company from BERLIN. They all develop everything in English, customer support speaks fluent English, manuals are in English, Error messages are in English , code variables are in English.... and you can barely find any bugs or errors in documentation. Those are people who can be an example that things can be done the right way. This company started behind many other big companies and after 5-7 years they got to the top 3 in the field. That means something. They have great product, excellent documentation, very good support and top quality product. On top of that you need to know it is not really big company (150 people or so).

                Hiring Proof reader guy who would check all English would cost no more than 1 SC license.
                I was doing some of this work for NetMake for some time, but at some point they decided not to continue, so we can see the results in the messages like that. The problem is that I DO NOT WANT TO BE A BETA TESTER. I AM A CUSTOMER AND WANT A FINISHED WORKING PRODUCT and none of us are testers, so I would really appreciate if NetMake spend more time on improving Customer Service, fixing documentation and most of All bugs, than trying to implement features which most of us do not need, leaving the features requests from users unfulfilled.

                Last edited by aka; 10-10-2014, 01:06 AM.