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BUGS!!! Bartho, Carlos, Marcia, Management and OWNERS of Scriptcase

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  • BUGS!!! Bartho, Carlos, Marcia, Management and OWNERS of Scriptcase

    Bartho, Please insure this posting is sent to the ownership / management of Scriptcase. Thank you.

    The lack of response and/or explanation of why the PAYING customer of Netmake (users of Scriptcase) is absolutely ridiculous! Please address the many concerns, issues and acknowledge the plethora of bugs that are NOT getting fixed. Please provide an explanation of what you're planning to do to address these issues.

    Many of us (the paying customers) are attempting to make a living / create income based on this development environment. The lack of communication and/or the lack of ability or the inability to address / fix the bugs that are brought to your attention through this forum is jeopardized OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR CUSTOMERS.

    One of the functions required throughout the client/provider relationship is the ability to deliver on what is promised AND without functionality riddled with bugs. The last piece of information that any of us what to hear from our clients is "We have found bugs -due to bad programming and/or design, this isn't what we paid for".

    Please do not continue to disregard and jeopardize our relation with you and consequently you jeopardizing the relationships we have with our clients simply because we cannot provide answers when Netmake and Scriptcase will fix the problems we have to work around.

    In business, nothing is more pathetic than having to make-up excuses or even more pathetic... provide no answer at all!

    Stu Buck
    Phoenix AZ USA

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    thanks for the feedback, however I would like to inform you that in recent weeks we have worked hard for many of the problems that users have to be resolved. We are always willing to help and listen to our customers and users Scriptcase.

    You can access the latest reports directly from the website (Downloads -> ChangeLog) and see that we are working hard to provide a quality service to our customers.

    Could pass me in detail what are the problems? I'm ready to help you.

    Thank you!
    Best regards,
    Thomas Soares.
    ScriptCase International.

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      I agree with Thomas , the SC team is working on fixing the problems we have.
      I think it 's about time for this great tool I managed to be at the level we want .


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        Yes, things have improved times 10 in the last month. Thomas has been extremely responsive in reproducing problems, and passing them to the development team. We have been getting weekly releases with many bugfixes in them.

        I hope things continue this way.

        Dave Prue
        Code Whisperer
        Lahar International Corp


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          I agree that things have significantly changed for the better. It can still be approved though by showing which issues are taken as bug and being worked on. Then it would be perfect.
          Albert Drent
          aducom software netherlands
          scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development


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            Thomas, this one is still there.


            That's on an editable grid issue from a year ago. Still there. Single record forms have a similar problem. Grid-"Add New" -> Form-"Cancel" takes the poor user to a New Form with a "Back" button. Cancel should go to the exit link (Grid in this case). Instead it starts a new app with a Back button instead of a Cancel button. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

            In fact, if I install any version of ScriptCase and bulk-generate applications using default values. The resulting apps behave so poorly - in a manner that is completely different from the way that human beings have learned to use computers on this planet - that the results are only an embarrassment for the professional developers and integrators that are NetMake's only customers.

            I would be worried.

            Some issues are clearly language related. I don't mind those much. Those are easy to work around. But, when someone clicks a "Cancel" button in Brazil, what do Brazilian computer users expect to happen next with that activity? That's not a language issue, it's a critical software defect, reported a year ago, it's ugly, and it's still there. Unanswered. Completely ignored as far as I can see. And there is my biggest complaint: maybe there's a team of 10,000 Brazilian PHP/JS experts, working furiously to correct that "Cancel" button issue that makes your customers (and ours) curse, throw things, and shop for alternatives.

            This is just one example. There are too many critical flaws like the one above to list without a bug-tracking system.


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              First, Thomas, Thank you for your Response.

              I would not accomplish my objective by enumerating the bugs... Please read Giblet535 (just one among the hundreds of posts in this forum that receive NO response from SC).

              My post (Yesterday, 12:55 PM) has no intention of criticizing the work by various employees of "NetMake / Scriptcase". My post is discuss HOW management of SC addresses the bugs/problems/lack of reasonable functionality/lack of documentation that has been repeatedly written about throughout this forum. My comments were (please read the post again) directly focused on the lack of response that is so blatantly obvious from the management and it's policies.

              I am positive that the team of programmers, the marketing team, the support team are following the direction of the Owners/Management. Virtually every "for Profit" company has or maintains what can be called "Customer Relations". Generally, the focus of customer relations would be to focus on the content of what the customers are saying about the product(s) they purchase.

              Related to my rant (FWIW), Not responding to the repeated requests to fix programming bugs and not having any feedback other than 'forwarded to our bug team' IS A POLICY!

              Individual employees do not make policy for a company, the ownership and senior management makes policy and the lower management and employees execute the policies.

              For example, Albert Drent in his recent post (thank you Albert for your efforts)
              has taken it upon himself to alleviate the frustrations expressed by the users of SC. However, (my apologies Albert) this is a band-aid effort because Albert himself stated "we are an independent company and besides our resellership, not related to Scriptcase. We simply don't have the means of fixing issues or to investigate them".

              I appreciate the fact that people, as individuals, within the corporate structure can attempt to improve situations and reduce some of the frustrations. Once again Thomas, thank you. However, until the Owners/Management takes Customer service serious, nothing will change. The policy of releasing buggy software will continue.

              I for one am no different than anyone else who considers themselves as a Scriptcase/Netmaker customer. I'm in business to make money, SC is a tool. Nothing more. I expect the tool to function as promised (anyone NOT employed by NetMake that takes my rant personal and feels they need to defend SC... get over yourself).

              This is a business relationship and I expect to get the product(s) and/or service(s) I pay for and in the condition/functionality it has been represented. I "PURCHASED" my scriptcase licenses with the understanding (as stated on the frontpage of the website) "The best and most efficient web development environment".

              As a business owner, I do my part by paying the licensing fees as well as attempt to notify SC when I find issues. I expect SC Management to do their part... have policies that will insure the product delivered is as promised "the best and most efficient web development environment".

              Thomas, posting the change log is good. Please relay to Management that the customers would like to SEE a system (many have been suggested throughout this forum) that will log the bugs/issues/improvements/suggestions. Then provide some sort of timeline that the customers can SEE when SC anticipates when (or what release) the items will be addressed.

              Stu Buck
              Phoenix AZ


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                I can understand your frustrations as I have had many of them. But there was a clear request to summarize the issues you have. The fact that the issue persists over a year means that the bug was not registered in the SC bugtracker. I have many samples of those. But I must admit too that the old issues I have reported recently where taken into account. I have been discussing the support issue over and over again, and currently SC has stated that they will not work on new functionality but will take these months for only bugfixing.

                Now there are two things you can do.

                1. You can make a new list of your bugs and report them. I know it can be frustrating, but there's a new captain now. It's no guarantee whatsoever as SC still needs to prove himself (and I have been disappointed loads of times, believe me) but I don't look at the words but at the action. Currently they *are* working hard on bugs.
                2. You can shout that all your bugs are not fixed and you haven't had any reply and what SC needs to do how to improve. I'm not going to argue with that as it's been the case for a long time, and I agree on a lot of points. However, it simply is not going to help you with your problems, and the only way to get rid of them is to leave the product.

                I don't want to make you a believer, but if your situation is similar to ours - we have a lot of SC apps in the field and just simply cannot just 'abandone' - then you might consider having a similar approach. You simply will catch more flies with honey than vinnegar...
                Albert Drent
                aducom software netherlands
                scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development