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[SOLVED] ajax filter works on all but not IE

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    Hello everyone,

    The Scriptcase uses a plugin of third to manipulate the ajax. Unfortunatelly, that plugin hasn't support to IE 8, therefore, we can't help you about that. About IE 9, is working normally.
    Caio Guerra
    Scriptcase - Web Developer


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      No, Caio Guerra. doesn't work on 9 too.

      try this: make search and add some predefined search criterias like last 7 days, last month, this month

      now use IE9 to select it, it will not work

      same for columns selecting, all seems ajax issue

      works ok with FF, chrome and IE10+ but not on 9

      however, it is not really a big deal now, all people are upgrading, what we need is to update the libraries including the jQuery one, there are many threads guys are talking about the importance of the update of those libraries