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Defined Value on DB Insert not Working

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  • Defined Value on DB Insert not Working

    This is the first time I have done this, so perhaps I am doing something wrong... but I can not get a defined value to be used on Insert as I would like.
    Here is what I have setup:

    Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.55.23 AM.jpg

    And here is the SQL it is using... which is incorrect... SalesOrderOutKey is using the value of 23 when I wanted it to use the defined value of 375.
    Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.55.56 AM.jpg

    Why isn't this working how I think it should?

    I actually want to use a variable as the defined value, but when it wasn't working I opted to try a hardcoded value as shown and it is still not working.

    I will add that I am trying to add new detail records to a master/detail form. Perhaps that makes a difference.

    Please help or let me know if this is a real bug.
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    This gets worse.... I have now tried just letting me put in my own value for the field and it seems to ignore what I put it.
    Why is this happening?

    Entering value:
    Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.30.00 PM.jpg
    Wrong SQL running:
    Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.30.23 PM.jpg


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      Is the ID from the master application item 23?



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        Originally posted by yourguide View Post
        Why isn't this working how I think it should?
        The SQL is used (open the app) before the defined value (at Form Settings / Edit Fields) is read ... That's all.

        Try and change the value at Form Settings / Fields / <your field> / Initial Value. This value is read at startup.
        Best regards: - Reinhard -

        I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)


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          Yes the ID from the master application is 23... I think I see where you are going.... is there a way to get this to work? The reason I have to change the ID on insert is due to a trigger which I can't modify.... the MySQL trigger is expecting the sales order number and then it looks up the key... which in the sample above is actually 23... I thought I could just insert the 23.... but the trigger makes it fail because it fires on insert.
          Thanks for everyones help. I suppose this is not a bug... but an issue with the order things happen.... Im just wondering if there is a way to make this work.


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            I tried that... it still didn't use that value.... but it wouldn't really help me anyway since I only need the value to change to what I define on insert. On update it needs to stay what it is.... this is all due to the Trigger on the table thats defined in MySQL.... which I can't modify...... I am integrating my application into an existing structure.
            I suppose I could completely remove the triggers on my own table and pull the data out of the triggered table.... then I wouldn't be having all these issues.
            I just didn't want to duplicate data unnecessarily.
            Thank you all for your help!